Our Story

fortunatoOur Mission

Not all chocolate is created equal. At Chocolate Maya, it has been our mission since 2007 to find the world’s highest quality chocolate bars. We also make original chocolate confections that reflect both Maya’s European roots and the fresh flavors from our home in Santa Barbara, California. Geography, soil composition, and farming techniques are factors that determine the flavor and overall scrumptiousness of the beans, much like coffee or wine. Cacao beans then undergo puberty through fermentation, drying, and roasting before they mature into the final product used in chocolate bars and truffles. 
Fair prices, fair labor practices, and good working conditions for the cacao farmers are just as important as tastiness, which is why Maya makes an effort to visit cacao plantations in order to find out exactly where her chocolate is coming from.

Dedication to U.S. and International Chocolate Makers

Maya offers time-tested European chocolate bars, but she is especially enthusiastic about her selection of the tastiest tablettes from up-and-coming chocolate mavericks in the U.S.  Although bean-to-bar makers from every corner of the world send delicious samples to Maya, she is proud to watch independent chocolate makers grow, evolve, and multiply across the United States.

Tasty Truffles

Although all of us at Chocolate Maya are excited about the small-batch, bean-to bar chocolate revolution, our little shop is known for Maya’s handmade chocolate confections: a variety of velvety truffles and chocolate-dipped temptations that are made from the highest quality chocolate (Valrhona, Felchlin, Mesocacao, and some small bean to bar artisans’ couverture)  fresh local ingredients and some exotic findings from our travels overseas. Just don’t ask us which is our favorite. Between sage, chile, rose, or any other new chocolate Maya has whipped up that season, it’s honestly too hard to choose. All we know for sure is that ethically grown chocolate mixed with natural, preservative-free ingredients and a dash of Maya’s Swiss savoir-faire is a fail-proof recipe for pure deliciousness.