Why is one chocolate bar better then an other? Just like your favorite wine, coffee or tea, cacao flavors vary depending on cacao bean variety, terroir, production methods, and growing conditions. Just one round of comparison tasting can develop your sensitivity to the complexity and diversity of chocolate and leave you with an entirely new concept of chocolate.

Private Tasting

Chocolate Maya tastings feature single origin chocolate bars from around the world, and/or her own confections. Tastings are a fun and delicious way to expand your appreciation for the many layers and variety of flavor in pure chocolate.

Learn more about the complex life of chocolate—from bean to bar to truffle. At your request, a tasting can include an in depth-discussion about how cacao beans are grown and processed, and the complex social and environmental issues surrounding chocolate and related luxury food commodities.

Walk-In Tasting

Relax in our beautiful lounge and savor a tasting any time you like. Tasting Menu

Enjoy a hot chocolate in our lounge: a rich and thick drink made with high quality cacao. It’s guaranteed to perk you up. Hot Chocolate Menu