January Bundle 10 Bars (Free Shipping)


Free shipping in cooler month.  (if no ice need it)

1- Arete, Fiji 70%Mataswalevu. Notes: Strong chocolate, light citrus.

2- Patric, Madagascar 75%. Notes: Deep dark chocolate, subtle red fruit.

3- Dick Taylor, Northerner blend 73% & Caramelized almonds and cinnamon. Notes: Almonds, cinnamon.

4- Green Bean to Bar, Madagascar 70% Ambanja. Notes: Fruit, citrus.

5- Dandelion, Venezuela 70% Mantuano. Notes: strong chocolate, coffee, almonds.

6- Marou, BaRia 76% Vetname. Notes: Bold rich fruit.

7- Bonnat, Mexico 75% Selva Maya. Notes: Rich red fruit, strong chocolate.

8- Fruition, Dominican Republic and Peru 100%. Notes: Bright and dark, red berries.

9- Soma, old school milk, Venezuela 38%. Notes: Partially ground cacao nibs, crumbly almost cookie like.

10- Ritual, Peru 75% Maranon. Notes: Floral, herbal, toasted peanuts, stone fruit.

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