Fine Cacao & Farm Fresh Ingredients

Good chocolate is the result of dedicated farmers, craft chocolate-makers, and chocolatiers who care deeply about their work.

Not all chocolate is created equal. At Chocolate Maya, it has been our mission since 2007 to find the world’s highest quality chocolate bars. We are also known for our original chocolate confections that reflect Maya’s European roots and the fresh flavors from our home in Santa Barbara, California. 

Our bonbons are made from the highest quality chocolate (Valrhona, Felchlin, Mesocacao, and other artisanal bean-to-bar couvertures), fresh local ingredients from the farmer’s market, and exotic findings from Maya’s travels. We never use artificial flavors, preservatives or compounds. 

Chocolate Maya aims to facilitate a community of chocolate lovers who feel connected to every part of the chocolate making process: from our team in the Chocolate Maya kitchen to local/international bean-to-bar makers, and to cacao farmers around the world.

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